Tuesday, December 18, 2012


He watched, devastated, as  the children were being torn apart by relentless, vicious evil.  To enter into that place, once a picture of idyllic happiness, would require putting Himself in the midst of the horrific destruction, becoming almost as helpless as the children themselves.  But the children were powerless to get out on their own.

And so He came.

We are the children.  All of us. From infants to senior citizens, from the beginning of time until the end of time, we are the children being torn apart by an unnatural evil.  Our childish ways and weaknesses leave us helpless to find our way in the dangerous darkness.

And so He comes..

But He comes empty handed, no shield, no weapons. Is He kidding?  We hesitate to follow because the evil has convinced us that evil can only be vanquished with greater evil.

And the darkness grows.

But, the darkness has no power.  It is a fraud.  It is defenseless against the light of the One who comes.

His hands he leaves empty, and open, perfect to hold onto, or to carry the ones who are too weary..  But how does He carry the light into the darkness?

In His heart.

And in yours.

And mine.

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